Mike Bryan, one half of the Bryan brothers, winners of 100 ATP mens doubles titles.

"It was great fun to be part of the mini tennis clinic**delivered at the Aegon Champoinships this year (2014). It was fantastic to spend time hitting with the kids and the clear progession of the players was great to see. The all-round skills that they are developing will ensure that they have a very solid foundation for the future".

*Using the Teach Tennis International (TTI) programme.

Andrew Jarrett, Wimbledon Tournament Referee and former British Davis Cup player:

"This is a comprehensive digital version of a proven and highly successful Mini Tennis coaching programme, suitable for all tennis programmes, where coaches wish to offer the very best to their young players. It is an immense body of work and the bar in this critical area for the future of tennis has now been raised to a new height."

Nick Bollettieri:

"You should never leave your coach; he has done such a fantastic job with you. Your strokes are technically perfect. That's what you want" Referring to Andrea Pineda at the Queens training day, who has been trained since she was 4 using the TTI system and now a multi tournament winner.

Lara Suarez - Development coach and programme co-ordinator:

Having worked in Junior tennis development for 10 years, and experienced other several tennis programmes, I cannot recommend enough the expertise and knowledge behind the Teach Tennis International Programme more. The team have developed a system that is so thorough and structured, it is impossible for it not to work in any Junior tennis programme. Every stage of the development of a child in tennis is carefully broken down and lesson plans are applicable to literally every scenario, from teaching large school groups with no tennis experience to a small focused group of developmental performance players at any age. The plans are flexible and offer the basis for a coach to create their own adaptations to exercises and drills where necessary.

The key area for a development coach like myself, is the clarity that the Mini Tennis Award System (MiTAS) criteria offers coaches and parents, in understanding where players actually are in their journey of continual development in the sport and what they need to work on to progress. Keeping parents informed of how their child is doing with the support of this objective criteria, is crucial in keeping players in the game and helping the individual develop to their full potential with the full support and understanding of their parents at every stage.

From the standpoint of supporting newly qualified coaches and assistants, the TTI Programme also offers a plethora of support through the lesson plans, MiTAS and understanding the progression of a player through all stages of tennis development. Seeing young/newly qualified coaches use the lesson plans and MiTAS with such ease is always positive and makes for a confident and informed coaching team.

The TTI Programme can only strengthen and solidify the success of any Junior tennis programme, and I look forward to seeing the future of the sport continue to become more rosy.

Christine Perret – tennis parent:

I have two children who have now taken part in the TTI system for several years. I am very pleased with the programme and amazed at the progress my children have made in such a short period of time.

The Teach Tennis International programme is great as it caters for junior players of all ages and abilities from those starting out through players aiming to compete at a higher level, so that you can be sure to find the right lesson plan and pathway for your child.

The coaches behind the TTI programme and system are highly experienced, skilled and dedicated to the development and performance of all players participating in the TTI system.

The TTI programme uses a system based on an assessment and awards programme which allows players to be objectively assessed and therefore improve players’ overall abilities.

I cannot recommend it enough.

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