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Andy Kemp

Andy Kemp is an LTA Licensed Master Performance Coach and has a BSc. Hons Degree in Sport and Exercise Science with Leisure Management, as well as a Higher Diploma in Sports Psychology. He also has a Certificate in Speed, Agility and Quickness. He has individually coached and mentored players from talent I.D., (age 5+), through all key stages of development to top, internationally ranked juniors.

He was previously Head of Development at Win Tennis and is currently consulting , as Head Coach, for the Westway Tennis Centre. He has played a key role in the successful implementation and sustainability of sports programmes in schools across the UK.

Andy’s primary role will be responsibility for the updating and continuing development of the TTI product and linked spin-offs/new departures. He will deliver coach educational new TTI locations and consult as and when required. As co-Founder and author of TTI, he will be involved and contribute to all major strategic decisions taken by the business.

We believe that each Tennis centre, club and programme has their own needs, identity and philosophy and what may work for one may not necessarily work for another. We are pleased to extend our professionalism, experience and Teach Tennis product to centres, clubs and programmes through our BESPOKE training programme.

These are tailored to each individual club, centre and programme needs via a free online, skype, or face-to-face consultation. This will allow our experts to establish all the details and aims of each club, centre and programme so that we can assist you in becoming one of the leading sports providers in your field.

Our BESPOKE programmes have already taken a number of our young tennis players to age related national ranking (including Number 1 in under 9 and 10) and on to top American colleges.

Oren Holtzman

Oren Holtzman has a degree in Business Management, a diploma in Sports Management and a level 4 tennis coaching qualification. He has previously owned a Tennis Academy in South Africa and been involved in tennis from the age of six. He too has coached and mentored players from the age of 5+ through key stages of development to internationally ranked juniors.

He is currently consulting as Development and Performance Manager for Westway Tennis Centre Tennis Centre. He has a proven track record in programme development, having assumed responsibility for a tennis programme which was struggling both financially and in terms of numbers when he took it over. It is now financially stable, profitable and caters for over 1,400 junior players per week.


Roy Holland

Roy Holland, a member of the TTI Advisory Board, has a Commerce degree and many decades of entrepreneurial business expertise. He acted initially as a full-time Consultant to TTI, helping Andy and Oren with structuring and planning of the future business. He was appointed an equal shareholder Director in September 2014, in recognition of his contribution to date.

He has been involved in small business start-ups, as well as acting as main board Commercial Director of a major Leisure Resort development company. His experience includes fund-raising, as well as all areas of creating and operating “small” business.

He has a life-long passion for tennis. Roy will support Andy and Oren in their endeavours, wherever it can be seen that his accumulated skill sets and experience will bring benefit.


Advisory Board Members





Peter McCraw – Founder of the McCraw Method of coaching. Peter is an expert in world class athlete development. He is a regular keynote speaker at international conferences and conducts coach mentoring programmes.

He was an integral part of the development team for former number 1 and top 10 players: Maria Sharapova, Jelena Jankovic, Nicole Vaidisova and Xavier Malisse. He has also developed countless ITF Top 100 Juniors and WTA Top 200 players.


Andrew Jarrett - Tournament Referee of the Championships at Wimbledon since June 2006. He was a member of Great Britain's Davis Cup squad from 1981-83


Mark Sheppard – Founder of Athletic Intelligence. Mark has extensive experience of running workshops in Movement, Balance and Co-ordination for a variety of sports across various performance age groups. Mark also provides sport science support, physical conditioning and remedial therapy for players.

His direct involvement in the Tennis Industry includes a 6 year spell, as Head of Sports Science and Physical Conditioning at a Tennis Performance Centre in North London headed by Alan Jones, Jo Durie and James Lenton.


William Knottenbelt - Professor of Applied Quantative Analysis at Imperial College London


Tom Ross - Partner - Head of European Institutional Distribution at William Blair


Hugh Whelan - Global Head of Liquidity Management, NEX Markets - EBS and Chairman of TTI Advisory Board.


Edwin Bessant - CEO of the Ceuta Group, a global consumer brand services organisation, working with dynamic brands in Health & Personal Care and Food & Drinks. As with other members of the Advisory Board, he joins in a non-salaried position, unattached to the main company Board, so as to be able to offer totally independent advice from time to time. He is very closely involved with main-stream tennis in Dorset.


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