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Do you want enhanced clarity, effective communication with coaches, parents and players? Do you want improved accountability and objectivity? Do you want long-term sustainability and growth within your Tennis programme? Do you want reduced administration time? Do you want to be better organised, structured, objective and clear?

Whether you are an already established Tennis facility or a new facility, our BESPOKE programme will assist you to reach new heights within your programme.

We believe that each Tennis centre, club and programme has their own needs, identity and philosophy and what may work for one may not necessarily work for another. We are pleased to extend our professionalism, experience and Teach Tennis product to centres, clubs and programmes through our BESPOKE training programme.

These are tailored to each individual club, centre and programme needs via a free online, skype, or face-to-face consultation. This will allow our experts to establish all the details and aims of each club, centre and programme so that we can assist you in becoming one of the leading sports providers in your field.

Our BESPOKE programmes have already taken a number of our young tennis players to age related national ranking (including Number 1 in under 9 and 10) and on to top American colleges.

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